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“Is it tomorrow? Or just the end of time?”

~ Jimi Hendrix on the end of time


“Very hard to run through time isnt it!”

~ Pteradon on the end of time

“This is not the end, this is not even the beginning of the end, but it is perhaps...well I'll be damned - it is the end!”

~ Winston Churchill on the end of time

Have you ever noticed that at the end of every fentosecond (0.000000000000001 of a second), another one begins? See for yourself. At the beginning of the next fentosecond, wait until it ends to see if another begins. It did, correct? If it didn't, you have just experienced the end of time.



Dear Sir,

I am Mr Kurisu, Director of Project, Nigeria Ministry of
Mining & Natural Resources, writing this during the End of Time.
I am making this contact with you based on
the committee's need for an individual/company who is willing to assist
us with a solution to a money transfer. First and foremost, I apologize
using this medium to reach you for a transaction/business of this
magnitude, but this is due to the inability to send messages through 
other mediums through time. In unfolding this proposal, I want to count 
on you, as a respected and honest person to handle this transaction with
sincerity, trust and confidentiality.

I have decided to seek a confidential co-operation with you in the
execution of the deal described hereunder for the benefit of all
parties and hope you will keep it as a top secret because of the
nature of this transaction. Within the Ministry of Mining and
Natural Resources where I work as Director of Project Implemention
and with the cooperation of four other top officials, we have in our
possession as overdue payment bills totaling thirty-three million,
five-hundred thousand United States dollars (US$33,500,000.00)
which we want to transfer to your year (2000) with the assistance and
cooperation of a past company/individual to receive the said
fund on our behalf or a reliable past non-company account to
receive such funds. More so, we are handicapped in the circumstances,
as the South Africa Civil Service Act of End of Time does not allow us
to operate past accounts, hence your importance in the whole
transaction. This amount $33.5m represents the balance of the total
contract value executed on behalf of my department by a past
contracting firm, which we the officials over-invoiced deliberately.  
Though the actual contract cost have been paid to the original
contractor, leaving the balance in the tune of the said amount
which we have in principles got the approval to remit by Key
Telegraphic Transfer(K.T.T) to any past bank account you
will provide by filing in an application through the Ministry of
Justice here in Nigeria for the transfer of rights and privileges
of the former contractor to you. I have the authority of my partners
involved to propose that, should you be willing to assist us in the
transaction, your share of the sum will be 10% of the $33.5 million,
70% for us, and 5% for taxation and miscellaneous expenses and while
balance 5% will go to charity organisation. The business itself is
100% safe, on your part provided you treat it with utmost secrecy
and confidentiality. However, aid from the Solomon Project has
been lacking when we need it most.

Also your area of specialization is not a hindrance to the
successful execution of this transaction. I have reposed my
confidence in you and hope that you will not disappoint me.
Endeavor to contact me immediately through my e-mail to confirm
whether or not you are interested in this deal. If you are not,
it will enable me scout for another foreign partner to carry out
this deal. I want to assure you that my partners and myself are
in a position to make the payment of this claim possible
provided you can give us a very strong Assurance and guarantee
that our share will be secured and please, remember to treat
this matter very confidential, because we will not comprehend
with any form of exposure as we are still in active Government

Once again, remember that time is of great essence in this
transaction. I wait in anticipation of your fullest co-operation.

Yours faithfully,

Mr. Kurisu

With Bush's aid, Kurisu safely reached the year 2000. After giving Bush his cut, he then went on to give away secrets of the End of Time, that are now considered well known.

How things will be different[সম্পাদনা]

Clocks incapable of displaying the BSOD will look like this.
A typical human after the End of Time.
Current versions of Windows are not YEoT-compatible.
  • Everything will remain motionless, except for certain "time spurts", during which things can move. Even then, movement will be limited to no faster than a cripple without a wheelchair.
  • Time machines will simply be called machines.
  • No need to sleep, eat, or go to the toilet.
  • All clocks, calendars, sundials, and hourglasses will display the Blue Screen of Death.
  • You can go to work at 6:32 PM, leave one minute later, then tell your boss that you showed up early and stayed for your entire post and he won't have a clue.
  • People begin taking birth control because the Sperm People from Neptune came in 2006 and impregnated everyone. So, everyone starts getting on birth control.
  • Because the rules of time no longer apply, you will finally be able to stop singing The Song That Never Ends whenever you want.
  • You'll be losing The Game for the rest of your life. Dammit!! I lost the game!!
  • Pop-Tart toasting will be illegal. However, heating them up by microwaving them for three seconds won't.
  • Windows End of Time will be the last version of Windows to be released.
  • Starcraft Ghost, Ghostbusters 3, and Duke Nukem Forever will be released. (ABOUT TIME!!!)
  • Corby will finally become inhabitable.
  • Gordon Freeman will be able to talk, and have sex with Alyx Vance.
  • The Hero of Time will simply be known as The Hero.
  • The Mario Bros. will be known as The Luigi Bros.
  • Mew and Mewtwo will reunite and create the well-known Mewthree.

Events that will occur during the End of Time[সম্পাদনা]

(Note that this includes the events in The End of Time which aren't on this page for some reason.)

  • Everything will be giant zeroes and ones floating around in a black void.
  • There will be no time left, much to everyone's surprise.
  • The Axis ff Evil Doers will release their doom unto the world and raise the state tax of Washington.
  • Kathy Lee Gifford will finally return to Earth after a long trip back from wherever the black hole that Kathy Griffin pushed her into was.
  • Camfrog will be banned.
  • Kathy Griffin and Kathy Lee Gifford will duke it out in a fist fight for the second time to finally see who the best Kathy is.
  • Chuck Norris punishes the sinners on Earth by forcing them to watch The Hills eternally.
  • Petunia the Skunk finally won't care if she gets dirty.
  • Everything that is in development Hell will be made/released simultaneously.
  • The Land Before Time series will end because the series implodes into itself, destroying that universe.
  • Direct To DVD Disney movies will cease to exist because the Welsh Rarebit goes back in time and stops them from being made.
  • Al Gore will kill the last Man-bear-pig! And then he will be killed by Rosie O' Donnell MMMMM.
  • Hell freezes over (again).
  • Various annoying idiots that have nothing to say beyond unfunny, random, stupid, petty insults to the reader of this page will have vandalized the shit out of this page, causing their heads to asplode.
  • Sinners will begin to fry like chicken, if sins were real, of course.
  • Jesus will come back for the 43rd time and this time it will be a real rapture and not a false alarm.
  • Jesus realizes everyone is dead except Chuck Norris, The Super Friends, and Obama. So Jesus takes Chuck Norris and leaves Obama and The Super Friends to fight each other on Neptune for 35 years.
  • The stars will explode one by one just to make things more dramatic.
  • In a freak Internet meltdown, Tetris will become real... only to crush billions of people in the process.
  • Time will end. That is perhaps one of the main events occurring during the End of Time. The feature presentation, if you will.
  • Wikipedia and Uncyclopedia will merge and destroy the universe, as someone will finally have listened to The Killers song that tells you how.
  • Each member of the Bureau for Editing Time Itself will find themselves bored and eventually will commit suicide.
  • Black Sabbath starts to tour Heaven and Hell again.
  • God's judgment will begin. He will drive a Honda because the Bible, says that he traveled with one A-cord. Those people who have given their soul to God will be saved and sent to Heaven. Those people who have not done so will theoretically be sent to Hell, but since God doesn't own their souls, he can't do crap.
  • The power high scores will be finalized.
  • Linkin Park will continue sucking.
  • Due to a clerical error, Time Magazine will mistake the end of all time with the end of its publication, which will then no longer be distributed. People with subscriptions will be refunded in full even if they have only a month left, so be sure to get one eleven months prior.
  • American Samoa, San Marino and Papua New Guinea will finally get a point in the FIFA world rankings.
  • The sand used in the Great Hourglass will be used to break the world record for the biggest sandcastle.
  • Trailers for the sequel, Time II, will be released.
  • A mouse, a rubber mouse, a computer mouse, and a robotic mouse will have an orgy, resulting in the birth of the Omega Mouse!
  • Soviet Russia's most popular institution, the Russian reversal, will double-reverse upon itself, rendering a formerly factual statement such as "In Soviet Russia, teeth brush YOU!!" into the utterly nonsensical "In Soviet Russia, you brush TEETH!!" Stalin died then came back to life for this reason. It is also widely speculated to be one of the main causes for time's end, since the wealthy bankers who control the Russian reversal noticed that the fabric of the space-time continuum would be reversed along with the inevitable double-reverse of the Russian reversal, as calculated by famed Russian scientist, Boris Karloff. In Soviet Russia, space time continuum rips hole in YOU!!
  • A Sonic the Hedgehog 3D platformer will be ranked as one of the greatest games of all time, despite the fact that Jason Griffith kept his voice acting job after 300,000,000,000 fan boys sign a petition for his removal.
  • Pigs WILL fly. So you can cash in on all of your friends promises.
  • Pokemon and Digimon will become a reality, much to everyone's dismay.
  • Duke Nukem Forever's release will be delayed until next year. Dammit.
  • The Trix Rabbit will finally catch up with those little dicks, slaughter them mercilessly and eat a bowl of Trix, which he won't even like.
  • Cricket, the popular English game, will become more popular than Football in the United States.
  • Jimmy Kimmel and Dane Cook will finally tell a funny joke... okay, not really.
  • The fat lady will sing.
  • The little Lucky Charms leprechaun will finally be caught and horrifically mutilated by small children who will then steal all of his lifetime-supply of Lucky Charms.
When the End of Time ends... or something like that
  • The Soviet Union will form again and go to war with the United States and Germany, launching thousands of nuclear bombs and sending the world into a nuclear winter. British communist Comrade Neil Clark will celebrate this as an appropriate vengeance for "turbo capitalism". Meanwhile, the entire populace of the United Kingdom will watch the war instead of playing cricket for once, and the French will bake baguettes and croissants to feed both sides.
  • Many will likely be eaten by a grue since it will be dark.
  • Microsoft Sam will be shot.
  • Dial up will finally stop being used.
  • Humans will adopt Base 13 and 6x9 will be 42
  • The Great Prophet Zarquon will return, only to realize seconds later (as he is blasted into space particles) that he came back just a litle too late.
  • Lily Allen will finally get laid, then roll over and smoke a fag.
  • All humans are converted into alien time travelers and the earth crashes into a giant planet the size of Jupiter.
  • Everybody has 6 hours to do this, as the beggining of time happens 6 hours after the end time.

New Life[সম্পাদনা]

  • Dinosaurs will come back but Greenpeace will make them extinct again.
  • Tasmanian Tigers will come back and Steve Irwin will wrestle them.
  • Tourettes Guy WILL come back to life but he will die in another car crash
  • Oscarius Wildestius Start to appear around what used to be Iraq.
  • Walrusguy Will come back but colgate will ban him again!
  • The Omega Mouse will Wreak its havoc upon the earth and then do battle against the Flying Spaghetti Monster!

Events that will NOT occur during the end of time[সম্পাদনা]

  • The Beatles will drive their Yellow Submarine on the Yellow Brick Road.
  • John Lennon will sing I am the Walrus for the 50,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000th time.
  • Chuck Norris will cry.
  • The Song That Never Ends will end. Did you really think a little obstacle such as the End of Time would affect the juggernaut of that infernal song? Suck on THAT, bitches!!
  • Chuck Norris, Vin Diesel, and related mythical humans will cease to be the subject of 3:00 AM, seven-hour conversations between bored and undersexed computer nerds.
  • Federal taxes will end.
  • Britain will not be ruled by crazed Monty Python's Flying Circus fans.
  • English soccer fans behave in an orderly manner at a match.
  • Scientology will be proved a credible religion.
  • Everyone will win 100 Million buckets from God.
  • Will Fuehr will find his wienner.
  • Limewire, Morpheus, and Frostwire will finally let you download good quality porn and not give you viruses on any type of download.
  • Tyra Banks will stop using the word fierce.
  • A dog will devour a horse.
  • In Soviet Russia a horse devours dog
  • You getting laid
  • You will develop a forked tongue.
  • The Never Ending Story will end.
  • Gordon Ramsay ceases to use profanity.
  • Squash will become a sexy sport.
  • Sony will realize that they're idiots for making the PS3
  • The Beginning of Time will occur (unproven).
  • God will die.
  • Satan will be enlightened.
  • Adolf Hitler will rise from the dead, realize he is gay, and lead the futuristic underground skinheads to victory.
  • The Pac man high score will be beaten.
  • Final Fantasy wont be as far as MMDCLLLXXIII.
  • The King of Hyrule won`t wonder what`s for dinner.
  • Bands The Who and Dio will cease to be the the greatest rock entities the universe will ever know.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog Dies by getting fucked too hard by Tails.
  • Chase the hedgehog will finally kill his ego, ditch MS Paint, and learn how to draw.
  • Your Mom will stop being a whore.
  • The bird will stop being the word.

Fun facts[সম্পাদনা]

  • It was originally thought that because of the theory that time equals money, that the end of time would also be the end of money. However, this has since been proven false by Trump's Toupee.
  • Attempts to add sand to the Great Hourglass to lengthen time were proposed. They were shot down when leading scientists agreed that 2017 would probably suck major cock anyways, since ten years before that sucked too.
  • A calculating error in 1996 resulted in the belief that time ended in April of that year. Panic dominated the planet until Isaac Newton discovered his error.
  • Time is not the only dimension that will be cut. In 2009, it is expected that height will end as well.
  • It is generally assumed that the end of time is full of Popcorn, when in reality, it is generally motionless and boring.
  • USAM-Striker's Law: 2TK=Pr Squared P2=B Squared When TK=Teamkill, P=Punt, R=Radius B=Ban
  • Would time have been Open Source, it would not have had this "Feature".
  • If you go into the room behind the old man standing by the lamp post, and walk along the wall clockwise three times, you will be able to use magic. Depending on the person, it can be one of many different elements. Currently in existence are Lightning, Fire, Ice, Water, Shadow, and AIDS though some say that they have heard of magics called the unforgivable curses. They are avada kedavra, crucio, imperio, and rape you hard. The only downside is that you need a wand to be able to perform them. I suggest Olivander's or Premier Adult Factory Outlet. After you are blessed with the powers of magic, you will then be challenged by the one who gave you those powers. It is advisable to kill him as quickly as possible so he doesn't change his mind and take your magic away. After you kill him he drops various helpful drugs and ability enhancers. But he is then re-incarnated as something stronger. You must fight him until he reaches his final form, Robo-Voldemort, and destroy him. Only then will your magic powers be secured. If you should fail, you're body will lie in his chamber forever in preservative juices so he can have fun with your corpse at his convenience. If you are a robot or a caveman, then you are out of luck in the first place as you cannot use magic.
  • Fun facts do not exist.

Pwning Wikipedia[সম্পাদনা]

  • BSoD Makes Razgriz Look Like Shit, So She Kills Bill Gates. (WHAT IN SAM HALO?!!!? -Razgriz2198)
  • Amy Rose From The Sonic X Tv Series Comes To Life And, well you what happens. (OMG! DON'T HIT ME WITH THAT HAMMER!!!!)
  • Everyone Gets Pwned By Razgriz2198 Because Of His Air 2 Air Superiority. Fuck This..... I'm Bored!


"I am Iron Man the end of time!"

Explorers will discover Einstein's tomb, which contains unfinished research on the theory that time does not actually exist. Scientists prove this theory to be correct, and begin working on creating time.

It's Over NINE THOUSAAAANNNDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This video shows how the whole ultraverse will end one day King harkinian is eating dinner but then he wants more but accidently swallows all matter

In All Honesty[সম্পাদনা]

Somebody divided by zero.

Other points in time[সম্পাদনা]